What makes a road trip great...
Is it the feeling of excitement you get from looking out toward the horizon in search of those places that you'd never thought you'd see? Is it the waxing and waning endless conversations to pass the time. Or maybe it's those in between moments where the landscapes are whirling by and a song worth singing comes on the radio. I don't think there's a real formula to road trips. Some you just get lucky with the combination of it all. 
Looking out the window of the Rambler, sunlight peaks in as we fly by a tall foreboding forest. I wonder what stories these trees would tell. The landscapes here are ever changing. Every day brings something different. 2 days ago we found ourselves along a humid mountainous coast, beach stretching on one side & mountains on the other for as far as we could see. Today we head into said mountains. The air has turned frigid and the sky is filled with drama in the clouds.

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